Thursday, April 29, 2010

7 months and finally growing!

It is so crazy how fast time goes by, I can't believe Jenna is 7 months old! She is still small enough that it seems like I just had her! She is doing really well even with everything stacked against her. She just amazes me. Jenna started rolling over about 2 months ago and has yet to quit. You can not leave her alone anymore, because she will roll right onto her stomach, she hasn't quite figured out how to get back over. She is doing really well holding her head up, lots better just the last week or so. I have started to put her in her bumbo chair and she is doing fairly well with it. Her physical therapist was really impressed with all that she is able to do. She has already surpassed Gav, he didn't move until he was 9 months old. So anything Jenna does is amazing to me:) Jenna loves her thumb, fist, finger..whatever she can get in her mouth to chew on! She is starting to eat more and loves the oatmeal cereal. She is 13 pounds and growing right on the curve on the growth chart. She is such a cute snugly baby. She has become really vocal lately too, especially during church;) She loves to talk and play with Gavin, he is such a sweet older brother, they are lucky to have each other.

Last week we went to Primary Children's in Riverton and Jenna got her hearing aids. They are SO cute! Of course I got them pink with sparkles!! They are a hassle to keep on however! Her ear is so small and the piece that goes behind her ear is heavy so I have to Velcro it to her headband! She hasn't had much improvement hearing, but they didn't think she would. She has to wear them for 6 months in order to be a candidate for cochlear implants. The other problem is that her ear canal is so extremely small, the piece that goes in her ear can't go down very far to transmit the sound to her inner ear. So one more obstacle she has to overcome, what a strong baby she is!

We have appointments in May for her eyes. We are praying that she can have sight in both eyes, the Dr. said she mainly needs to get bigger to be able to tell. She seems to see the whole world if you ask me!

We love our little angel and I feel so extremely blessed to be her parent. I have had many people lately tell me that they read my blog and it makes me feel so happy to know that Jenna's story is reaching others. (please leave a comment so I know who you are:)) I know she was sent to this earth for that purpose. I hope her story helps anybody going through this or a similar situation. Please know that if you have questions please ask them, I will answer anything! I put everything on this blog, even those things that are emotionally hard for me. But I feel that I need to, it is somewhat therapeutic for me....strange huh!

Here are a few pictures of Jenna Baby even one with her new Hearing Aids!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had such a great Easter weekend! We started Saturday with my Dad's 50th birthday party! We all got together for steaks at Krista's house followed by a great party for Dad. We all told him our top 5 memmories from the past years, it was really fun to see what we all had picked out. Then on Sunday we woke Gavin up to see what the bunny brought him. He was so excited. He had asked for suckers and Woody and Buzz. The Easter Bunny brought him, Toy Story, suckers and a new spring outfit. Jenna got a new outfit and lots of treats that I have been eating:) and some new hair bows. I asked Gavin if he wanted to wear his new outfit and he said "No thanks mom." That is his response to everything lately. He is funny! We had lunch and an egg hunt at Sally's and dinner and another egg hunt at Amy's. It was a fun busy weekend. I love getting together with everyone!