Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It has been such a great Christmas season this year!! I have loved every minute of it. Gavin has been so cute this year, he is now 16 months and just growing so fast. He loved so much about Christmas- mainly the lights and ornaments on the tree. He liked taking the candy canes off and walking around with them...not to mention loosing a few:) Christmas morning we had to wake him up at about 9:30 and take him to his presents. He was so excited and kept saying "OOOOO." He got a hoop shoot that is just his size, legos, cars, clothes and a few other toys. He loves playing with them. Kurt's mom had a Christmas Party on the 23rd and we played bingo, unrwap the candy bar game and had a special visit from Santa, not Gav's favorite person:) He did enjoy the story though. On Christmas Eve we had a party at my mom's, it was really fun. Alyssa turned two that night, so we made sure to have a birthday party and then a Christmas party. We made Cafe Rio Chicken Salads, they tasted just like the real thing!! We are so blessed to have such great families and to have them so close to us!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas! I hope Santa finds all of you, and that you were all on the NICE list:) Have a wonderful Holiday!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Little Behind.....

I am a bit behind getting my email to those of you who just went private:) Would you all please send me an invite to your blogs!!!

Thanks much!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I haven't posted for quite some time, it has been a busy month!! I decided the week before Thanksgiving that I wanted to paint my living room, kitchen and dining room. This meant that I would have to paint the trim and doors too! Lets just say Kurt was less than happy with me! I did the trim all by myself, and painted most of the walls, I just needed him to do the parts by the ceiling- I am not that careful! We painted most the walls Cherry Chocolate and then some of the walls tan. I just love it!! It makes my house look a lot different, the walls were a really light tanish pink color that I did not love! So that project is now finished.

Then we moved on to putting all the Christmas lights and decorations up! Gavin has been so much fun! He loves the lights- we walk outside every night to turn them on and he just loves it. We have went on a few car rides to see the lights and he oohs and aws at all of them. He thinks the tree and ornaments are also pretty fun! He has not hurt them....yet. He takes some off and walks around with them like they are toys and he is wondering why mommy put them on a tree? I can't wait for Christmas this year- he has just grown so much and his personality is so fun. He is a good boy and so mellow. My sisters wonder why I got such a good kid:)

Here are a few pictures of our tree and the new paint! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season.

Can I just take a minute to say how much I love my husband?? For some reason I just can not keep the pantry organized and clean- not sure what it is..but I can't! When I go grocery shopping I just throw stuff in there, well about every 3 months Kurt gets mad at me and cleans the pantry out and organizes it. He goes through and takes out all the outdated stuff and arranges things so neatly! I am glad that one of us is good at that!! Love ya!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Saturday I ran my first 5K race!!! Yea for me!! I even won my age division- and the winner got a TURKEY:) So now I am in charge of Thanksgiving:) My two girlfriends and I started running a couple of months ago, and I accidently signed us all up for this race. Lets just say they were less than happy with me!! We all ran so great and finished which that was our goal! I love running and working out with these two girls, they keep me going! It is so nice to have such great friends and neighbors!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!!

We had so much fun this Halloween!! Gavin was so excited - he LOVES candy!! We took him trick or treating around the block, and he loved it!! He wanted to eat the candy the minute he got it. He dressed up as a Pirate this year, the costume was so cute I just loved it!! Thanks Aunt Shalyn!! I just can't believe how big he is getting! They really do grow up way to fast!! Grandpa Heath and Pirate Gavin!

Grandma Heath and Pirate Gav!

This is Alyssa (Piglet) and Gav enjoying Grandma Seals's candy bowl!

Gavin dumped the candy out and started to play with it!

Dylan (pirate), Keaton (army man), Alyssa (piglet) and Gav- can you tell those two are more interested in the candy!!

Before you think I am one of those people who dresses my dog up, I really am not!! I just HAD to buy this costume when I saw it, because Gav is a pirate and I thought it would only be right for Roy to be one too!! These two are like peas in a pod, they love each other and torture each other!! They are so fun to watch!

I think Gav hit him:)

Grandma Seals and Gav handing out treats!

So flipping cute!

Monday, October 20, 2008

On Saturday we went to the Pumpkin patch- we had so much fun! Gavin found the pumpkins to be very interesting. We had a lot of extended family come down from Provo and also St. George. This has become quite the tradition- I look forward to it every year! We went to my house after getting our pumpkins and ate Sloppy Joes! Thanks to all the family that traveled, we were so glad you could come!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is Gavin's new tooth brush- he thinks it is pretty cool. The only problem is that he wants it for a toy, not a tooth brush!!! How do you get them to like brushing their teeth??

A couple of weeks ago my family went out to Maple Grove and had dutch oven chicken and took pictures. These were some of my favorite- Gavin loves to be outside! The weather was really good and we had a ton of fun!! We are so blessed to be so close to Maple Grove and Fishlake, we love to go to both places for a quick getaway! It is such a great escape from the stresses of life:)

Friday, September 26, 2008

So the other day I was doing my hair and Gavin was playing, I noticed it got quiet and so I went to find him. He was sitting in the kitchen throwing dog food EVERYWHERE!!! I said his name and he looked at me like he had done nothing. The dog also looked at me like get this kid to give me back my food!!! After I got mad at Gav, he started doing it again!!! He has been so good not to touch the food until now!! What a sneek:)

Happy Birthday

I forgot to post this last week. I just wanted to wish Kurt a Happy Birthday last week. We went to STG for the weekend for a get away- we had a lot of fun. I love him so much and want him to know how greatful I am for him, he is a wonderful Father and Husband! Happy Birthday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

This is Gavin's new place to get into. He crawls right to the bathroom and takes everything out of the bottom drawer! I normally don't mind because I will remove the Q-tips first, but he snuck out of his room and did this the other night! He was so happy so I let him play for a while:)

Friday, September 5, 2008

I thought that this picture was really cute. Gavin loves his Grandma and the time he gets to spend with her. We are glad that she is so close that we can visit her whenever we want. We love you!
1. I was 4 and in preschool
2. I was playing My Little City with my dad
3. I was sporting the crimped hair do- bangs included when dad did it

1. I was in 8th grade.
2. I was worried about going to highschool
3. I was sad that one of our friends passed away.

1. I graduated with my Associates from Dixie State.
2. I was living in STG and loving it!
3. I was still trying to get Kurt to ask me to marry him! (I still waited for 2 more years)

1. I finally married my best friend......Kurt:)
2. We moved back to Richfield - I was sad:(
3. I bought my first home

1. I was blessed with my son Gavin!
2. I was trying really hard to learn how to be a mom.
3. I quit job to be a stay at home mom! I love it

1. We took our first family vacation to San Diego.
2. I started working out with my two great friends! They keep me going!
3. I have enjoyed watching my son and husband and our dog Roy too!

1. I spent the day with Kurt and Gav.
2. I went to the Manti Temple
3..I cleaned my house and started reading the Host again.

1. I went to work
2. I went on a bike ride
3. I went to my moms so Kurt could help with the roof

1. I will be back to my moms to help some more.
2. I need to do some more laundry.
3. I might go to Provo tomorrow night.

1. I hope to go to Hawaii.
2. My baby will be 2- so crazy.
3. I am not sure, guess we will wait and see;)

Well that was fun!!! Now I tag anybody who hasn't done this tag and would like to :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gavin's Birthday Party

Gavin had his first birthday on Sunday 8-24. We went to the Lions Park and had sloppy joes and salads. Most of our families were able to be with us. Gavin got spoiled with many toys and fun things to play with. We love Gav so much- it is crazy to me that he is one!!!
Gavin was watching Dylan on his Heely's- pretty entertaining for a 1 year old!

Gavin did not enjoy his cake- he would not even touch it. Kurt put the frosting in Gav's mouth and he spit it out!

Alyssa thought for sure that she was taking this present home! She pushed it about 4 feet with her small little body!

Monday, August 25, 2008

No Pop for Gav

I thought that this was so funny! Gavin is not allowed to have pop- and not everybody understands that rule. This is on his birthday- he crawled right over to the Mt. Dew and took all the cans out- he had this grin on his face the whole time. I thought at least he understood the no pop rule.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gavin's 1 year old pictures

We had to go to Provo a few weeks ago for Kurt's ankle doctor appt, so we decided that we would have Gavin's 1 year old pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids! I was so pleased with how they turned out, everyone there was so great to work with! Gavin was being a bugger and just starring at the person trying to make him laugh, but we did get a lot of fun and cute pictures! It is hard to believe my baby will be 1 on Sunday
Watch out ladies!!!
This is Gavin's new grin- he is pulling this face all the time- I just love it!

My favorite!

Looks like his daddy!

Kurt and I both have pictures when we were 1 on a chair like this- so we had to do it for Gav too:)