Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, most of you can tell by me not posting sooner that the news we got on Wednesday wasn't so great. The fluid on the baby is a disease called Hydrops. The fluid is pretty severe on her head, back, lungs and starting on her heart. This is caused by her Lymphatic system not being developed. That system is what distributes the fluid in a normal baby. You most commonly see this in Down Syndrome children, the doctor was pretty sure that the baby has Downs. They did an Amnio to test this. That is where they take fluid from around the baby and test it. I will know on Monday if the baby has Downs for sure or not, and then about a week after that we will get the results of the Amnio for a full history of the babies chromosones. The doctor said that more than likely the Hydrops will continue to get worse, but in some cases it resolves itself. She said that would be unlikely in our case. There is a severe risk of stillbirth or miscarriage still.

So we are trying to take this all in and do our best with it. We know that the Lord will be with us through this tough time and that he will do what is best for our little girl! It is in His hands now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy Weekend

It has been a crazy stressful few days, and I finally feel like I should maybe blog about it. On Friday, we were lucky enough to have a sneak peek ultrasound to see if they could see the gender of our baby, I am only 15 weeks, but she was 100% positive it is a baby GIRL!!!! What the heck, this is Heath family history!! We are the first to have a baby girl.

When we left the hospital I said to Kurt "This is just too good to be true!" Well, normally I love to be right, but not this time. About and hour later the doctors office called and said there was some concerns with my ultrasound. My heart sank. We went and met with Dr. Brown and he had information, but not much. He said that the baby has too much fluid in her tissues. What does this mean????? No clue! We have an appointment tomorrow with a specialist and we are praying that she will be okay. I will update with what I find out tomorrow! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

On Saturday we decided we couldn't just set home and worry so we went fishing with Kurt's family. It was very nice, Gavin enjoyed every minute of it- he threw rocks in the water and thought that it was so funny! Everybody caught a fish even Kurt! He finally caught his fish about 5 minutes before we were leaving- and of course it was the biggest one! That night we went and cooked them at Sally's, along with hot dogs for us non fish eaters! I was glad we decided to spend the day with family- they are all so supportive us and we love them for that!

Sunday we had yet another BBQ with my family- once again much needed family time! I do better when I don't have time to set and think about my problems. My family is so great to try and make me feel better! I love them for that!

Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a great Easter weekend! Saturday our puppies were born and they are so stinking cute! It took Gavin a day or so before he warmed up to them, he didn't want to hold one, just give it kisses. He was more worried about Lacy than the puppies. He kept petting her and making sure she was okay. Kurt is the one that fell in love with the puppies, he even said we can keep one!! We picked out a cute little female dog, we named her Ruby:)

On Sunday, we woke up and got ready for church and let Gavin see what the Easter Bunny brought him, he was so excited it was so cute. He got clothes, golf clubs, and a new church outfit. He LOVED the golf clubs. I told him that the Easter bunny brought him these presents, so he went over to the bunny we have and gave her a hug and a kiss!! He is such a cute boy! Then we went to church, and then headed to my moms for dinner and a little Easter egg hunt. Then of course we had to go see the puppies one more time!! We hope you all had a happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am a Grandma!!

Some of you may know about my first child Roy.....the dog:) He is treated like a human and he acts like one too! Kurt and I got Roy 2 months after we were married, and have treated him like a child from the start. I am not sure how, but these dogs become a part of your family and you love them just like a family member!! Well Roy and Sally's dog Lacey- fell in love and she got pregnant! Ha Ha! Well, this morning at 6am, Lacey had her first puppy- and then 4 more! They are all very black with white on them! I haven't gotten to see them yet- but I am on my way as soon as work is over! I just have this picture and they look pretty darn cute! They are Cocker Spaniels! The best dog if you ask me!!