Saturday, August 27, 2011

4 Years Old

Gavin turned 4 on the 24th of August! I just can't believe he is this big already!! He was so excited for his birthday, he had told me what presents he wanted about 2 weeks ago. This was the first year that he really got excited for his birthday. He wanted a bumblebee mask and a captain america action figure. I let him open the mask the morning of his birthday and then we headed up to Layton to see Kurt. We stopped at Chick Fil A in American Fork and had lunch with Nanny Bart and Grandma Seals. He got spoiled there too! We were able to go school shopping for him and get him some clothes and toys with the money he got for his birthday. His request for dinner was either Disneyland or Pizza Hut. So we went the pizza route and took him to Boston's in Layton. They had the best Mac and chesse ever! He was also really excited to sleep in the trailor that Kurt has been staying in. He was thrilled to go camping in Layton for his birthday!! We love this little boy to pieces! He is growing faster than I can keep up with! He weighs 43 pounds and is 43 1/2 inches tall... he wears size 5/6 clothes and is in a size 13-1 shoe!! He is going to be a giant by the time he gets into Kindergarten! We love you Gav!


Last weekend Kurt's parents rented a cabin up at Fishlake for all of us to go spend the night. Gavin was so excited! He loves to be outside,and he couldn't wait to go fishing. We went night fishing around 10pm the night we got there, and Gavin was so excited to go! He kept casting his line out and reeling it back in the second it landed in the water! I tried to help him and he said "Your not the fisherman, I am." So I guess he knew what he was doing. He also referred to the cabin and a cute! Jenna enjoyed herself too, she loved the cabin and all the bright lights that were there. She was such a good girl! We ate yummy food and enjoyed being together! Gavin even caught a real fish right before we headed home! Thanks Sally and Terry!!