Saturday, September 17, 2011

This handsome man turned 28 yesterday! Due to our current living apart situation we didn't get to see him for his b-day...I was bummed! I spent about 4 hours making homeade oreo cookies...that is all he ever wants for his birthday. Easy request! I am so thankful for all he has accomplished in the last year...he is such a great father and blessing to me! I love him and I am thankful he works so hard for our family! Love you!!

Jenna is 2!!

This little angel turned 2! I just can't believe it! She is such a sweet blessing in our lives. She is getting stronger and stronger every day! She is now sitting and wanting to stand so bad. I honestly can't imagine life without her.. she has taught me so much! I love this little girl so much! Happy Birthday Jenna!


Gavin finally started preschool this year! He has been so excited about going to school. He has a late birthday so he will most likely not go to Kindergarten until he is 6. He is so big and such a smart boy...we will see if we hold him back or not. I just love that he loves school so much. The first day I picked him up he said he was so tired he couldn't even climb into the car. I had to pick him up and put him in his seat. It was hilarious! He loves to learn and can't wait for Tuesdays and Thursdays!