Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Tuesday night Kurt and I went to the Jazz game along with his parents. We had so much fun!! It is always fun when you have great seats!! They played the Timberwolves, and won! Even better:) At half time the Utes came out on the floor and...well I guess that is all they did was walk out:) They said they were the Sugar Bowl Champs, and I leaned to Kurt and said "I thought the Super Bowl was Feb 1st?" OOps, it is hard to hear there! The Jazz bear was being pretty funny, we looked over and he was walking up the hand rails. He even fell, it looked like it hurt, but of course he got back up and tried again! This time my car didn't even get broken into, so it was a great night all around!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This post is more for me to vent about Gavin's ear problems! They are getting the better of us! Gavin is 17 months old and has had 13 ear infections, seems a bit much right??? When he was 7 months old he had already had 6, so the ENT decided he needed tubes, I was glad to finally have healthy ears! Well, that lasted a whole TWO months!! Since the tubes Gavin has had 6 infections! I took him back to the ENT that we go to and he acted like I was just being a wacko mother!! So I changed doctors and this new doctor is GREAT! He is in Payson and I really like him. He is going to put new tubes in Gavin's ears, a better kind of tube so they will hopefully last longer and he is going to also take out is Adnoids. I am so happy, most people tell me having the adnoids removed will improve his ears a ton!! Lets hope!! Yesterday, I took him to the doctor and guess what....another ear infection!!! This one is really hurting him, he is so clingy and his poor nose wont stop running!! I just want this one to clear up and then he has his surgery February 5th!! So I am hoping and praying we will be in the clear for a while after that !!!!

Last night he felt so miserable so I handed him a chocolate pudding and put him in his highchair and said have at it!! He didn't eat it at all, he just smeared it everywhere! But for 10 minutes he was happy and not sad! So it was worth it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Apparently when it snowed, we did not spend enough time outside playing in it. Today I went to my friend Maradee's house and on our way back I let Gavin walk across the back lawn, instead of carrying him. He got to this patch of snow and put one foot on it and then backed away and starting running back the way we came. Then when I convinced him to come back, he got to the snow and looked at me and put his hands out. I had to go and pick him up! I just thought it was so funny. He knew it was something strange on the lawn!!