Monday, July 27, 2009

The Toad

Yesterday we went to dinner at Sally and Terrys, after dinner Sally had something to show Gavin. She had two toads that were in her window well and she was very determined to get one out to show Gavin. It was hilarious! She had a shovel, a hoe, a golf club and a childrens shovel all trying to get this toad out of the window well and into a bucket! She finally got it out of the well and it hopped off into the flower bed. So she tried to scoop it up with the little shovel but every time she got close it would hop away! It was so funny to watch her, and then to hear Gavin laughing at the toad hopping and mom screaming! I hate anything that jumps!!! She finally got the toad in the bucket and Gav thought it was pretty cool. I had to rest for a minute cause my stomach hurt from laughing!! She went to release it back into the well and the dang thing had jumped out! We couldn't find it after that so hopefully it made it back to its other friend!!! Sally is so cute with Gav and he just loves her! He is blessed with some really wonderful Grandmas!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Update

Baby Jenna at 20 weeks
I forgot to post about our last doctor appt. We went about two weeks ago- and things are about the same. About every other month her 3rd ventricle of her brain is dialated to an 11 (normal is under 10), the doctor thinks that she is just creating a lot of fluid and slow to get rid of it. She doesnt think that it will be a big problem, so we are just hoping that she can digest the fluid a little better. She is still growing really well, she is 2.5 pounds. She is a very active and wiggley baby- a lot more than Gavin. We are going to Orem on the 31st to do a Fetal Echo- this will take more in depth pictures of her heart so that they can check for any defects- most common in Down Syndrome is a hole in the heart. We are praying for another miracle that her heart will be just fine! We really need that! They will give me the results that day. We have decided that we will deliver the baby at Utah Valley- that way if we need any Specialists we will be right there.

I have started to buy baby clothes and we even got the crib put back together. Our next step is painting her room. I have felt so horrible for not having anything done, I just didn't dare buy clothes or anything. The doctors are a lot more hopeful that this sweat little girl will be born and coming home to us and we cant wait!! Even Gavin is starting to understand more things about this "baby"! He is cute, he will kiss and hug my belly- and he really gets a kick out of my belly button!! Oh the joys of pregnancy!!

Thanks to all of you that are praying for us- it has helped so much! We love you all!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

On Saturday we decided that we would go to the Manti pool with Amys family and my parents. Gavin has been scared of the water this year for some reason, but he loved that pool. He made sure we were holding him tight, but he had so much fun! He loved the toilet bowl/river thing tha was in the middle of the pool. We stayed for a few hours and had lunch and treats! It was really fun- I think we will definitley go again!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

We had such a great 4th of July this year!! Our friends from STG came up to share in the fun and festivities!! We love having the Farnsworths come up for the 4th!! We had a dutch oven dinner at our house on the night of the 3rd, most my family came over. It was very yummy, after a few poppies and fireworks we headed to Aurora to see the firework show! I love watching their fireworks, they get better every year! The morning of the 4th we headed to the Richfield parade. Gavin loved being there with all the older kids and sharing in the excitement. I think Kurt enjoyed catching the candy as much as Gavin! We went to the Heath's for a BBQ and then to the Aurora park for the races! Gavin actually took 2nd in his race- he ran right into Grandmas arms! He was so cute with what he won! That evening we went to the Salina parade- it was extremely hot! Then off to my parents for another BBQ. We did our own fireworks at my moms that night. We had lots of fun. Gavin loved the poppies and sparklers. He thought they were great! He really enjoyed stepping on the poppies. We had such a great and long weekend! I just love the 4th- it is such a fun holiday for the kids- I love watching the excitement on their little faces. I am so glad that Susie and Nelson and their two great kids were able to be here with us! It is a tradition that I look forward to every year!!