Monday, May 18, 2009

Crazy Roller Coaster Ride!

I keep telling Kurt that we are on a roller coaster ride, we go up and down with emotions and feelings it is just crazy!!!

We saw the doctor last Monday and amazingly enough the fluid (hydrops) is getting somewhat better. There used to be fluid around her belly, lungs, heart and head. Well now it is just around her head. That is great! Then of course she said that fluid is starting in the 3rd ventricle of her brain, it is not too bad right now but could get worse. The condition is managable if she is born. She is growing right on schedule, she weighs about half of a pound.

Our hopes were not too high on Monday night, we were thinking the worse. Then on Tuesday we met with the Genetic counselor to find out about the Chromosome 18 problem. On a regular Chromosome you should have a long arm and a short arm, well baby Jenna has 1 regular chromosome and then her 2nd one has an extra short arm and is missing part of the long arm. The deletion isn't bad, it means that she might be a little slower and prone to a few things.

So Tuesday we left with the thought that maybe this isn't as bad as we were thinking. Maybe our sweet girl will be born and get to come home with us. There are still risks that she might abort herself, be stillborn or she could possibly make it. The risk of me getting sick are lower with the hydrops getting better.

So you see what I mean by roller coaster ride? Each time we go to the doctor it is just crazy! One time it is good news the next time it is bad news! We just keep praying and hoping for the best! Thanks to my dad for some amazing blessings- I have to say that I know they are part of this miracle that seems to be happening! Without the church and Gospel- think of where we might be right now! It is such a blessing in our lives! Thanks to all of your support and prayers- they have truly helped!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby Jenna Update

Sorry it has taken me so long to update, we have had a lot to process lately.

Things we know
1. Jenna has hydrops really bad, the fluid seems to be getting worse around her body
2. She tested positive for Trisome 21, which is Down Syndrome.
3. There is also a problem with Chromosome 18. They do not know alot about 18, but the Genetic counselor put it like this- It is like writing a letter if you were to forget a word or two the letter would be readable, but if you are missing a paragraph you couldn't read it and that is a problem. Well, she is missing a paragraph. Kurt and I got tested Friday to see if we are carriers for this genetic problem. We will know the results on Thursday. Knowing that she has a problem on 18 means that she would have more mental problems than just the Down Syndrome.

We go back to the doctor on Monday and we will have all our test results back and do another ultrasound to see how things are going. Then hopefully the doctor can give us some good insight as to what will happen and when.

For now we are just taking things one day at a time. I have been going in and doing blood pressure checks and hearing her heart tones to make sure we are both fine. They are still worried about me mirroring her and getting sick, but so far I have been fine. We pray that the Lord will do what is best for our sweet little Jenna, even if means taking her from us too soon. With his help we can get through this! Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts sent our way- we love you all and appreciate it!!