Thursday, December 10, 2009

I think at this time of year everybody seems to reflect on the past year. I know I have been thinking alot about this year and everything that has happened and I feel so thankful and blessed by all that has happened this past year. It has been crazy since January, that is when I knew I was pregnant, but for some reason I didn't tell anybody until the end of March. Looking back I wonder if it was so I could just enjoy being pregnant, because two weeks after we announced our news things changed. We were on one crazy roller coaster ride from April to September. But I am honestly thankful for it all. The other day on my Facebook I posted that I was content with my life for the first time in a while, and I am, all of it. I dont look at anything that has happened this year as a negative. Usually when people talk to me they start of with "sorry this happened to you" and my immediate response is "I am not sorry, worse things happen." I truly believe that, because from my perspective nothing bad happened! In all reality there is not a medical answer to why Jenna is here, she is nothing short of a miracle! So I feel blessed to have a baby at all- yes she has some problems, but I can handle that! It makes me sick to think that 90% of women abort babies when they find out they have Down Syndrome. I look at Jenna and see straight to Heaven- she has a purpose on this earth and I plan on making sure she gets back to her Father in Heaven.

I have thought alot about the poem Footprints. I love the part where Jesus says that when there was only one set of footprints it was then that I carried you. I literally felt Him carrying me this last year, I have felt His hand on my shoulder pushing me through this. I am amazed by His loving power to raise us up when we feel like quiting or throwing in the towel. He gave me the best blessings of my life. When I pray at night I always thank Him for trusting me with two of his children to raise and bring back to him. I feel so honored to be a mother.

Gavin turned two in August, he is the best little boy! He has so much love in him and loves to share it! He has found a LOVE for Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny. He loves these two characters so much. The other day he was in the kitchen building a house for Micky with Manny's tools. He is creative and bright and is learning new words everyday! Some that we have to tell him are for adults only:) He loves HOKE aka COKE! I didn't let him have pop until he was 18 mos or older, and now he loves it. Not sure if I helped start that addiction or not?? I love him so much I made him promise to take me to prom and also to marry me! He said yes to both!!

Kurt has been an amazing husband through such a crazy year. It was emotional anyway and then to add a pregnant woman to the mix!! I think there are special places in heaven for some men!! He is a great father and husband and I am thankful for him. I guess those 5 years of waiting for him to marry me were worth it!!!

I look forward to this next year and what it might bring our way, we are hoping for a trip to Disneyland! I look forward to Jenna's firsts! She is now a hefty 8.5 pounds and 22 in long. (Gavin was bigger and birth) I love having a family and watching Gavin and Jenna together and feel extremely blessed to have all that I do.

I hope you all have a great Christmas season!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

He see's way too much!

Jenna never was able to catch on to nursing, so I have pumped religously since she was born every three hours! I try to turn a movie on for Gavin in the other room when I am pumping, but he is 2 and walks and moves when he wants! It never fails that he ends up coming in when I am pumping. You should see the grin he gets on his face! I am sure it is odd to see your mother doing that! So the other day while I was pumping this is what Gavin was doing! He got the extra set of cup things (cant remember their name) and put them up under his shirt and even tried plugging them into the machine!!! What a crazy kid!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 months old

I can't even believe that Jenna is already 2 months old and a few weeks (I am behind)!! She is growing very well! As of today she is 7 pounds 10 ounces and 20.5 inches long! This is small but seems huge to us:) She is such a good baby!! She eats 5 times a day 3 ounces each time and sleeps ALL night long! What more could I ask for! She is such a cuddly baby and wants to be held, lately she gets so mad if I leave her alone to go do something. She wants me in her sights! We just love her! Here are some of our recent pictures that my cousin Bree took- she is so wonderful! Thanks Bree!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to wish Amy a Happy Birthday! It was also Krista's birthday on the 5th! These two have been so wonderful the last 9 months and I just want you to know that I LOVE you and could not survive life without you!!! You are amazing women and mothers and great examples to me! I love ya tonz!!

Tender moments

Here are a few cute pictures of Gavin and Jenna! He always wants to hold her! He had fallen asleep on the couch holding her!! The picture of the feet is Jenna's and Gavins. It isn't the best picture, but it shows you how small her feet are!! I dont know why hers are so red, I swear I wasn't squeezing them!!

So Grown Up!

Gavin is becoming quite the young man! I thought that this was so cute! He always wants to do whatever Kurt is doing and the other night Kurt was shaving so of course Gavin needed to also! Kurt gave him a razor (minus the razor part) and put shaving cream on his face. It was adorable he sat there and pretended to shave!!

He really is growing up though- he is talking like crazy! He just forgets the first part of the words, for instance Micky Mouse is ickey ouse! They say it is normal and that he will soon put it all together. He is such a great kid, so calm and mild mannered. He is the perfect big brother always willing to help! He is starting to understand everything and repeat everything. So mommy and daddy are working on their swearing problems! Don't children just make us better!! He also finds it hilarious when I pump! He gets this smirk on his face that just kills me! He even points and me and laughs! Oh, they see way too much!

Late Halloween Pics

It just occurred to me that I never blogged our Halloween pictures! Gavin was of course none other than MICKY MOUSE!! He is head over hills in love with this mouse. The first thing he says when he wakes up is Ouse (mouse)! He wants to watch the darn movie over and over and over!!! ALL DAY LONG! I know I shouldnt complain but I feel like a bad mom letting my kid watch movies all day. But he sure does love it and I think he is even learning a thing or two from it. Jenna was a little mouse- she looked so cute in her outfit. She didn't really love it but she kept it on for a few hours. We went to my moms for dinner and lots of family fun. By that I mean having a candy fight! Why we cant just get together and chat I will never know- something always ends up getting chucked across the room! We had fun and it was great to get out of the house for an evening.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pictures of Jenna

Our friend Dusty was in Richfield the other day and took some wonderful pictures of Jenna! Thanks Dusty!!! She is such a great baby and so sweet! I love these pictures.

Friday, October 30, 2009


So tonight I made a wonderful dinner and then decided that Gavin and I would go to Walmart for some groceries (keep in mind I have been homebound now for 3 weeks) so this was a big deal!! I made a list and we were ready to go! Gavin was in charge of holding the bag of baby clothes that we needed to return. I got to the store and got him out and got ALL the way in Wally and remembered that we left the returns in the out we go to get them. We got to the car and I started looking in my purse to find the keys...they were there however my wallet NOT THERE! So home we go! Now we have the wallet and the returns and are in Walmart again. I headed to get Kurt deodarent and some Halloween candy then straight to the baby clothes. I picked up a pair of cute pink $4 pants for Jenna and then turned the isle to the lotion. When I got there I went to mark some things off of my list to my suprise the list is GONE! Completely gone, not in the cart, not on the floor, not in my purse just GONE!! I of course blame Gavin cause the last I could remember he was drawing on it. So I start to retrace my steps cause I need this list- I went all the way to the front of the store and had no luck. So I just started going isle by isle trying to think of things we need. When I finally got to the last isle I decided those $4 pants just weren't needed so I headed back to put them back. When I got there I started to look at other colors of pants and lo and behold there on top of the white pants is my LIST!! I almost peed my pants! I was the one that lost it not Gavin, so dont worry he came home with a treat! I then had to go through the whole store to get the correct items on my list!!!

I swear this not going out of my house thing is not good for me! The baby is completely fine- however I am going to end up in bad shape!!

Just thought you would all like to see what having another child has done to me!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday was our traditional trip to the pumpkin patch-minus a few people. This year my mom was in CA so just dad and us girls and our kids went and Tiffany and her kids. We were glad that they came with us! It was such a warm day I swear I got a sunburn! Dad was so great to cut the pumpkins and haul them to the tractor for us. I love the picture that I took of him! Gavin wasn't so interested in the tractor ride, but he did enjoy picking pumpkins. He got him and Jenna one and couldn't wait to take it to her! I just love how much he loves her! Jenna stayed home of course with Grandma Heath.