Saturday, July 26, 2008

A-Z Tag

A-Z Now You Know MeI've been tagged :)

A: attatched or single? Very Attached- for 8 years!!
B: best friend? I love all my friends!
C: cake or pie? Cake
D: day of choice? I love the weekends!
E: essential item? Lately my camera- I love taking pictures
F: favorite color? PInk
G: gummy bears or worms? I dont like them, they hurt my teeth
H: Hometown? Salina
I: favorite indulgence? Chilis!
J: January or July? July
K: Kids? 1- Gavin- I love him!
L: Life isn't complete without? My family
M: marriage date? June 11, 2005
N: number of brothers and sisters? 3 Sisters and 1 brother
O: oranges or apples? Apples
P: Phobias? Spiders and Crickets
Q: Quote? Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say why not?
R: reasons to smile? When Gavin smiles- he is getting so big and his personality is so cute!
S: season of choice? Fall
T: tag 3 people? Amy, Tanya and anybody who wants to:)
U: unknown fact about me? I like to play with tape- I know it sounds weird and it is- it is an anxiety thing!
V: vegetable? Tomato
W: worst habit? Playing with tape
X: x-ray or ultrasound? Not sure what the question is here
Y: your favorite food? Chinese
Z: zodiac sign? Pisces

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For the 4th of July weekend our friends from STG came to stay with us! We were so happy that they came. We went to the Aurora fireworks on the night of the 3rd and the kids had a great time, Gavin wasn't even scared. On the 4th, we went to the parade in Richfield where Kurt was one of the announcers for the parade. Jace had a very good time getting the candy from the street- he didn't let a peice go- it was really cute! Gavin and Sydney enjoyed eating it:) I had to work during the day so Kurt took the Farnsworth's to Aurora for the festivities. At night we all headed to the Salina pool- this was very fun!! We all needed to be cooled off. Gavin absolutely loves the water! We came to my moms after and watched all our fireworks! On Saturday, we headded up to Accord Lakes to go camping. We took a four wheeler ride out to Jack Adley's, it was so much fun. Gavin kept falling asleep on the four wheelers- it was so cute!

We had a really fun weekend and were so glad that our friends could come stay with us! We love them so much and miss them!! Thanks so much for coming!!!

Mean Softball!!

Kurt has been playing softball this summer, this past Wednesday he had an accident with second base during their second game. He was running to second and he put all his weight on his left foot, well he rolled his ankle. If any of you reading this went to highschool with Kurt you know that this happened alot. This one however, has been more painful then the rest. He went to the ER that night and they said it was just badly sprained. Dr. B wanted him on cruches and to let it rest- ya right! That happened until we got home, cause Kurt of course knows more than the doctor!! It is still hurting him so we will be seeing a specialist next month to see about surgery on his ankles:) YEAH for us!!