Monday, August 27, 2012

5 Years Old

I seriously can't believe that Gavin is 5 years old!! His birthday was August 24, i felt really bad I had to be to a training for my new job in Cedar City for most the day. When I got home the grandparents and us went to McDonalds per Gav's request! He got to open presents from us wich included a scooter. He loved it! I had told him about a week ago that I just wanted to keep him this small forever and a few nights later as I was tucking him in he said to me, "Mom please dont put me in a container, I wont be able to breath." He thought I was going to store him! What a goof. We let him take 5 friends the next day to go bowling, something he really loved! They bowled, had drinks and cupcakes and opened presents. Later that night we had the families over for spiderman cake and cupcakes and hot dogs. Gavin is into all the super heros right now but mostly spiderman. I love everything about his boy, he is the kindest boy with the biggest heart. He loves everyone and loves to tell you he loves you. I am so impressed with his ability to learn, he wants to know everything. He asks questions about everything and he can remember the smallest things! He is the best big brother to Jenna and he loves her to pieces. I am so glad he chose to come to our family!!

Camping trip 2010

This year we decided to go camping with the Heaths for the bow hunt. Kurt had to work most the weekend so Sally and I took the kids up a few days before Kurt could come. Gavin had a great time being in the mountains. He loved everything, especially the ability to have pepsi and treats whenever he wanted! He got to go "hunting", fishing, skip rocks, and shoot the BB gun! He loves to play with his cousins and be with the big boys! Jenna of course was easy going the whole time and loved the fresh air. I love spending time in the mountains free of all the cares! Crazy what a 30 minute drive to Fishlake can do for you!! I love it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life as of Late

Life has been a bit busy as of late. Crazy busy! I started working another part time job in June, I am now working at the clinic as a receptionist and also working at Jorgensen's. I am thankful for the jobs and the income, but boy am I tired! Gav has also been struggling with me working. He is having doubts about everything, he no longer will go to primary like he used to and is so anxious about going to the babysitters. It breaks my heart to see how it is effecting him. I am sure this is what I need to be doing right now and hopeful that he will learn to cope with it. Jenna of course just goes with the flow. She is such a easy going girl. I just love her! Kurt has been very helpful also, most days he goes to work after me so he is the one taking them to daycare and making sure they are up and dressed. With all the working going on we were both able to have the 3rd and 4th of July off. Hands down this is my favorite holiday. We kept busy both days. I was able to get together with some old highschool friends for a baby shower the morning of the 3rd and then later that day we celebrated our ten year highschool reunion. We had a lot of fun catching up with everyone. Crazy to think that we graduated that long ago! The night of the 3rd we of course went to the fireworks in Aurora, they never dissapoint! This year Gavin was able to sleep out on the deck with the cousins at grandmas house. He was so excited! We all met up at the Richfield parade and carried on to the Aurora races where Gavin took 3rd place! He was so proud of himself, and I was a very proud momma! He was sure he had won, so why not let him think so:) After that we hit the Salina parade and a BBQ with my family. To finish the night we watched fireworks in Richfield. Such a crazy busy fun holiday! We love it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last week Gavin graduated from his first year of preschool. He absolutely loves to go to school each week. He has loved Mrs. Polly and Mrs. Stacy and will be seeing them again next year. His birthday is late August so we have decided to hold him back a year so that he can be the oldest. Gavin has always loved to learn and is always asking questions. He is starting to spell and sound out 3 letter words and has been counting to 100 for quite some time. We love this little guy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Katelyn and Ty got Married!

Saturday was Katleyn and Ty's wedding! It was a gorgeous day to get married. The place they got married at was just gorgeous, it was on a golf course and the views were so pretty of Utah lake. We all had a great day and had so much fun. Gavin was the ring boy and he was so excited about it. Fred was his sidekick, we didn't dare give him the rings so he threw some flowers! He was thrilled to do that! They were so good, they stood by Ty and didnt say a peep. Gavin even sang the "Babe" song at the luncheon. That would be Sonny and Cher's I Got You Babe. Gavin and I have been singing that song to each other for some time now. It was so fun to see all the friends and family that came to support them. We wish you the best!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Cuties!

Easter was very exciting this year! Gavin was so into it, he even wrote the bunny a letter asking for squishy bath and a Captain America shield. He loved coloring eggs and doing all the egg hunts. Both kids got a new outfit and a few little toys. Gavin got a stuffed animal kangaroo. He came home from church a few weeks ago and told me he is going to serve a mission to Austrailia. He has been set on that so I thought I would get him a little reminder:) However, when he saw it and I told him what it was for he informed me that Uncle Kyle told him he would have to speak a new language in Austrailia so now he would like to just go to Idaho! What a crazy kid! Jenna looked so cute in her new Easter dress and pretty bows. I can't believe how big she is looking lately! I love my little cuties!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Makes Me Smile

This little Chick-a-roo makes me smile a lot lately! She is the hardest girl to get a picture of, so I was very happy when I snapped this pic! This is Jenna...always happy and full of energy. She has gotten so strong lately, she is pulling herself up to standing position. She has a grip that could kill! She pulls herself up on the benches at church and it is a struggle to get her off! I just love her to pieces!