Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jenna Update

People have asked about Jenna's hearing and what we have decided to do. I met with Dr. Park a few weeks ago about her ABR test and we decided that we are going to do Cochlear Implants. We have an appointment with the implant doctor on July 20th to find out more about the implants and to discuss how they would help Jenna, and hopefully soon after that they will do the surgery! After I made the appointment I got a little excited! It is just so amazing that technology has brought us this far, to be able to make a little girl go from hearing nothing to hearing everything! I think it is so amazing! God's hands just continue to touch Jenna's life.
Well, we have been back from Disneyland for two weeks now, and I still want to go back. We had SO much fun.

We stayed in Las Vegas one night on the way down and one on the way back. We stayed at Southpointe, it was an awesome hotel. I think I will stay there from now on when I go! We made a gambler out of Ryan by introducing him to Blackjack! Lets hope he takes after me and walks away and not like Kurt who has to be drug out!

We made it to Disneyland around 6pm on Sunday and decided to go into the park. That was the best time to go, we walked right onto everything! No lines, it was lots of fun!

The look on Gavin's face was just priceless the first morning we walked through the gates to Disneyland. He truly loved every minute of it. He kept saying "can we go on acation (vacation)" the whole drive down. We had to convince him that we were on vacation!

He got to meet all his heroes, Micky, Handy Manny, Pluto, Minnie and many many more! I had to take him to Goofy's Kitchen, the Asper family always took me there and I loved it. Gav was so into it, I was glad because it was a bit pricey! He got to see Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Princess Aurora "Beauty", Mad Hatter, and Chip. Minnie even came and got him to go dance, Gav ate it up! He was so cute with her he danced the entire song hand in hand with Minnie Mouse! It was so worth the money. He was must of gotten tired though, we all were looking at a character and when we turned back to Gav we realized he fell asleep and his head fell right into his mac and cheese! He had quite the look on his face!

We spent 4 days in Disneyland and 1 day in California Adventure. Gav was able to do a lot in California Adventure. While Ry, Dad and Kurt went on the roller coaster, I took Gavin to the Bugs Life area and we went on all the rides he could do there. He loved it! He was actually tall enough to go on all the big rides too! Pretty impressive for a 2 year old! We went into Dinseyland around noon every day and didn't leave the park until it closed at midnight, mom would have stayed and slept if they would have let her! I think we hit all the rides at least once if not twice and spent more than we should have on frozen bananas, drinks and churros. I can't believe how much the food costs! Oh well, ya only get there every few years!

We loved the fireworks and Fantasmic. I just love Disney and the feeling you get when you are there, I turn into a 6 year old at heart, thanks Walt!

We took one day and went to Huntington Beach and had lots of fun there. Mom and Ryan were the only ones who got in the water, I prefer the sand at the beach not the water! Gav liked making sand castles and then knocking them over within seconds of their construction!

This vacation made me love being a mother just so much more. Seeing the excitement on Gavin's face was just so rewarding to me. He is such a wonderful little boy and growing up way to fast. Jenna was the perfect baby on this trip! She slept and ate and enjoyed one ride, It's a Small World. She loved the lights and bright colors. All of the characters would spend lots of time with her, we held up a lot of lines! She even enjoyed putting her feet in the sand at the beach.

After such a rough roller coaster of a year last year,this vacation was much needed and we enjoyed every minute of it!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gavin is a....


Gavin is officially potty trained! He decided about three weeks ago that he wanted to wear big boy underwear! He had two accidents the first day and after that we were good..well with pee anyway. He kept holding the other, but now if I read him a book he is great! He is getting more and more used to it everyday.

Gavin is 2 1/2 and huge. He is in the 95% for his height. He just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is so observant lately, he wants to know EVERYTHING. He always says, "What is that called mom?", or "what does this do?" He knows all his colors, shapes and we are working on counting in order. He is also learning some sign language and doing really well with that. It amazes me how quick he catches onto things!

I just love this little boy to pieces, he is such a sweetheart! Today I asked him to do something and he told me "sure thing sweety!" I love you Gav!

(somewhat explicit picture to follow)