Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I realized I haven't posted about Jenna for a while so here is a little update.

Jenna is doing really well with her hearing. She is right on track. The hardest thing for others to understand is that she hears equivilant to a 3 month old baby. People will yell her name at her expecting her to respond, and she doesn't. The doctors know her chronilogical age (17 mos) and also her hearing age (3 mos.) She is hearing for sure, we are working on teaching her where the sound is coming from so that she will start to turn her head to the sound. She wears her implant pretty well, it is hard to keep it on her all the time. Mainly because she is not setting up yet. So when I am doing something she is sometimes on the floor, so the implant can fall off easier. Her favorite thing to do is to pull it off her head and use the magnet as a chew toy! Poor girl is getting a lot of teeth right now and will chew on anything, there are even bite marks on it:) That is one expensive teething toy!

Jenna has started to smile a ton lately. She likes to cheese it big time! It makes me laugh! She is also the worst picture taker ever! It's like she knows what you are doing so she does the exact opposite of what you want her to do! Makes me frustrated! Oh well, she is so stinkin cute I will let it go! Here is my attempt at her smiling!