Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!!

We had so much fun this Halloween!! Gavin was so excited - he LOVES candy!! We took him trick or treating around the block, and he loved it!! He wanted to eat the candy the minute he got it. He dressed up as a Pirate this year, the costume was so cute I just loved it!! Thanks Aunt Shalyn!! I just can't believe how big he is getting! They really do grow up way to fast!! Grandpa Heath and Pirate Gavin!

Grandma Heath and Pirate Gav!

This is Alyssa (Piglet) and Gav enjoying Grandma Seals's candy bowl!

Gavin dumped the candy out and started to play with it!

Dylan (pirate), Keaton (army man), Alyssa (piglet) and Gav- can you tell those two are more interested in the candy!!

Before you think I am one of those people who dresses my dog up, I really am not!! I just HAD to buy this costume when I saw it, because Gav is a pirate and I thought it would only be right for Roy to be one too!! These two are like peas in a pod, they love each other and torture each other!! They are so fun to watch!

I think Gav hit him:)

Grandma Seals and Gav handing out treats!

So flipping cute!


susiefarns said...

I totally love the matching pirate costumes. Too cute!

Tennille said...

So cute. I loved the pirate costumes!

BTW anytime you head up this way you are more than welcome to stop by. We love visitors, especially those from Richfield. We really miss all of you guys down there.

Jackie said...

I thought about getting a dog costume, and then I thought, "Jackie, you have a little too much time on your hand." I'm just impresed that your dog actually kept the thing on.

By the way, pirate costumes are so cute.

Shala said...

No Waaay...those two costumes are perfect! Gavin has to be the best pirate baby I have seen thus far and Roy, come on boy, you deserve some major treats for staying in that awesome twinner costume. So hillarious