Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It has been such a great Christmas season this year!! I have loved every minute of it. Gavin has been so cute this year, he is now 16 months and just growing so fast. He loved so much about Christmas- mainly the lights and ornaments on the tree. He liked taking the candy canes off and walking around with them...not to mention loosing a few:) Christmas morning we had to wake him up at about 9:30 and take him to his presents. He was so excited and kept saying "OOOOO." He got a hoop shoot that is just his size, legos, cars, clothes and a few other toys. He loves playing with them. Kurt's mom had a Christmas Party on the 23rd and we played bingo, unrwap the candy bar game and had a special visit from Santa, not Gav's favorite person:) He did enjoy the story though. On Christmas Eve we had a party at my mom's, it was really fun. Alyssa turned two that night, so we made sure to have a birthday party and then a Christmas party. We made Cafe Rio Chicken Salads, they tasted just like the real thing!! We are so blessed to have such great families and to have them so close to us!

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The Hooper's said...

Hey Tara,
Your blog and you family is so cute. I can't believe how big your boy is, he is so cute. Well life is good. Yes Rob is the guy I dated in college(I've just rubbed off on him, and he is better looking) It's my second year teaching school, and I love it. Well tell me what's new. It has been so long.