Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am a Grandma!!

Some of you may know about my first child Roy.....the dog:) He is treated like a human and he acts like one too! Kurt and I got Roy 2 months after we were married, and have treated him like a child from the start. I am not sure how, but these dogs become a part of your family and you love them just like a family member!! Well Roy and Sally's dog Lacey- fell in love and she got pregnant! Ha Ha! Well, this morning at 6am, Lacey had her first puppy- and then 4 more! They are all very black with white on them! I haven't gotten to see them yet- but I am on my way as soon as work is over! I just have this picture and they look pretty darn cute! They are Cocker Spaniels! The best dog if you ask me!!


Amy Rosquist said...

Good work, granny!

Karen Kunzler said...

So cute!!! I wish I had dog, but Steve says, no way!!! (but we will see)

Trynda said...

We had cockers when I was little and I just love them. They are so sweet.