Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wow....what happened to my blogging skills? I used to blog all the time...I guess life has been busy.

I thought I would take a moment to update about my cute kids. Gavin has been so hilarious lately, almost everything he says makes me laugh or at least smile. He is so full of it! He is so very smart too! He asks questions constantly! He currently knows all his numbers 1-10, knows and can identify the letters in the alphabet, and he can spell his name and is trying to write it. He loves to be read to and he likes to listen to books on CD. Whenever we stop at a stop sign he yells "SIGN STOP S T O P!" He makes me laugh. He can not wait to go to preschool in fact he talks about it almost everyday. I just love him!!

Jenna is doing so well! She is trying so hard to gain the strenght to set up! It has been a challenge for her. She currently gets herself into the splits and then tries to set up from there. Her therapist said it isn't how he typically teaches a child to set, but whatever works. She is EXTREMELY flexible! She is in the splits most of the time. Maybe she will be a gymnast:) She is doing really well with her hearing. You can definitley tell that she hears. We are working on training her to turn to the sound. Right now she will hear the sound and just not really know what to do with that. It is amazing how much work goes into hearing....she is a smart little girl and will catch up soon.

Yesterday we were able to take her to a Down Syndrome playgroup here in Richfield with all the other downs kids around town. There are three of them right here in Richfield and 2 more in Sanpete county. It was really fun to meet the parents and share different experiences and form somewhat of a support group with each other. She will go to this playgroup every Friday. It was also great for Gavin to go and meet other kids like his sister. He was so proud of her when she sat up like a big girl in the chair, he said " mom she is doing so good!" He loves his sister and protects her very well!!

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