Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Cuties!

Easter was very exciting this year! Gavin was so into it, he even wrote the bunny a letter asking for squishy bath and a Captain America shield. He loved coloring eggs and doing all the egg hunts. Both kids got a new outfit and a few little toys. Gavin got a stuffed animal kangaroo. He came home from church a few weeks ago and told me he is going to serve a mission to Austrailia. He has been set on that so I thought I would get him a little reminder:) However, when he saw it and I told him what it was for he informed me that Uncle Kyle told him he would have to speak a new language in Austrailia so now he would like to just go to Idaho! What a crazy kid! Jenna looked so cute in her new Easter dress and pretty bows. I can't believe how big she is looking lately! I love my little cuties!