Monday, August 25, 2008

No Pop for Gav

I thought that this was so funny! Gavin is not allowed to have pop- and not everybody understands that rule. This is on his birthday- he crawled right over to the Mt. Dew and took all the cans out- he had this grin on his face the whole time. I thought at least he understood the no pop rule.


Rhiannon said...

They learn way too young. You're little boy is darling!

Brenna said...

Yesterday was a horrible day down in my book, anyway I had to go into alltel and your husband was so nice! He could tell I was having a bad day, after teasing me about my broken phone my large tears started to surface again. I think I may have scared him a little. I also must comment on your adorable little Gavin. He is very cute!!! You need to get Krista going on a blog

Annie Somers said...

TARA! Hey, I finally got a blog ha, not sure what i'm really doing but i have one :) Gav looks so cute in this picture.