Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gavin's Birthday Party

Gavin had his first birthday on Sunday 8-24. We went to the Lions Park and had sloppy joes and salads. Most of our families were able to be with us. Gavin got spoiled with many toys and fun things to play with. We love Gav so much- it is crazy to me that he is one!!!
Gavin was watching Dylan on his Heely's- pretty entertaining for a 1 year old!

Gavin did not enjoy his cake- he would not even touch it. Kurt put the frosting in Gav's mouth and he spit it out!

Alyssa thought for sure that she was taking this present home! She pushed it about 4 feet with her small little body!


Amy Rosquist said...

Come one, let that poor little girl take home that present! j/k Happy Birthday, Gav!

Kare-Hun said...

SO fun!!!! I have to say though I LOVE your hair. I didn't realize it was you at first with it dark. Your watch is really cute also (I know I am a dork). The first b-day is always the most exciting I think.