Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Update

Baby Jenna at 20 weeks
I forgot to post about our last doctor appt. We went about two weeks ago- and things are about the same. About every other month her 3rd ventricle of her brain is dialated to an 11 (normal is under 10), the doctor thinks that she is just creating a lot of fluid and slow to get rid of it. She doesnt think that it will be a big problem, so we are just hoping that she can digest the fluid a little better. She is still growing really well, she is 2.5 pounds. She is a very active and wiggley baby- a lot more than Gavin. We are going to Orem on the 31st to do a Fetal Echo- this will take more in depth pictures of her heart so that they can check for any defects- most common in Down Syndrome is a hole in the heart. We are praying for another miracle that her heart will be just fine! We really need that! They will give me the results that day. We have decided that we will deliver the baby at Utah Valley- that way if we need any Specialists we will be right there.

I have started to buy baby clothes and we even got the crib put back together. Our next step is painting her room. I have felt so horrible for not having anything done, I just didn't dare buy clothes or anything. The doctors are a lot more hopeful that this sweat little girl will be born and coming home to us and we cant wait!! Even Gavin is starting to understand more things about this "baby"! He is cute, he will kiss and hug my belly- and he really gets a kick out of my belly button!! Oh the joys of pregnancy!!

Thanks to all of you that are praying for us- it has helped so much! We love you all!!


Dustin and Matasha said...

Hey Tara,
It is great to see that the baby is doing great, and that things are looking positive. You are still in our prayers, and if you need ANYTHING...Please let us know!

I went to this website to get my blog printed! Let me know how you like it!

The Jolley Family said...

I'm so glad that things are going well with baby Jenna. Good luck with your appointment next week. If you need anything we would be glad to help.

Amy Rosquist said...

That picture is so cute. Her room is going to be so adorable. She is already spoiled and so very loved!!!

Deby said...

I love the room decor that you picked out (pink and brown)and all the fun painting you plan to do. It will be adorable. Just take it easy and we will all help. I love the 3-D pictures of the baby. Makes her look more real. Thanks for the help on the blog. Keep the faith. MOM

Karen Kunzler said...

I am so happy that things are improving. I think of you all the time!!!! Hey can you email me your address. We might me coming through Richfield in a few weeks and I would love to drop something off for you. Love you!!!

The DeMille's said...

Oh I love good news! Your little girl is so cute! Isn't it amazing how they can now take those 3D pictures! I hope things continue to get better.