Monday, July 27, 2009

The Toad

Yesterday we went to dinner at Sally and Terrys, after dinner Sally had something to show Gavin. She had two toads that were in her window well and she was very determined to get one out to show Gavin. It was hilarious! She had a shovel, a hoe, a golf club and a childrens shovel all trying to get this toad out of the window well and into a bucket! She finally got it out of the well and it hopped off into the flower bed. So she tried to scoop it up with the little shovel but every time she got close it would hop away! It was so funny to watch her, and then to hear Gavin laughing at the toad hopping and mom screaming! I hate anything that jumps!!! She finally got the toad in the bucket and Gav thought it was pretty cool. I had to rest for a minute cause my stomach hurt from laughing!! She went to release it back into the well and the dang thing had jumped out! We couldn't find it after that so hopefully it made it back to its other friend!!! Sally is so cute with Gav and he just loves her! He is blessed with some really wonderful Grandmas!

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susiefarns said...

He has fabulous grandma's. They're the best. I would take em.