Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday was our traditional trip to the pumpkin patch-minus a few people. This year my mom was in CA so just dad and us girls and our kids went and Tiffany and her kids. We were glad that they came with us! It was such a warm day I swear I got a sunburn! Dad was so great to cut the pumpkins and haul them to the tractor for us. I love the picture that I took of him! Gavin wasn't so interested in the tractor ride, but he did enjoy picking pumpkins. He got him and Jenna one and couldn't wait to take it to her! I just love how much he loves her! Jenna stayed home of course with Grandma Heath.

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Amy B. said...

Thank you my dear for the super sweet note...I'm glad you liked your coke and treats! It's the least I could do!