Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pink Mickeys!

Grandma J called the other day and said that she had an extra pair of jammies that were Gavins size, they even had his hero MICKEY MOUSE on them!! Then she told me they were pink...hmmm....he is only two so I said send them, he wont know! So they arrived a few days later and Gavin was so excited! He sees them and says "PINK ICKEYS"!!! He has worn them the past 4 nights in a row and I have had a hard time getting them off of him in the mornings!! So THANKS much Grandma Johnson they were a BIG hit!! We love you and LOVE everything you make!! (especially our jammies)


Eric and Brooke said...

So cute! Who cares if they are pink! I would put my boys in them too. And a bonus, they can be passed to Jenna!!

Amy Rosquist said...

What a cute little fellar!!

LuDene Barton said...

Hi Heaths: Hey, who doesn't like pink. He would look cute in anything, just being new and from grandma J. makes them special, plus you can keep them for Jenna. See you Sunday. Love Nanny Bart-love the kids for me.