Friday, March 26, 2010

Last week we took Jenna up to Primary's for an eye appointment. Overall it went pretty good. We really liked the Doctor! Primary Children's is in a league of its own when it comes to doctors. They are angels sent to help kids. They want nothing more than to help them!

He said that Jenna definitely has an abnormality in her left eye called excavated disc anomaly. Pretty much means that her optic nerve is in a cup shape instead of round. He said that she could very well have vision in that eye. He said that he could tell that electricity was definitely going into the eye because the Iris would open and shut. She also would follow really well when he moved his finger sideways and up and down. So that is GREAT! He wants to see her back in 6 weeks to make sure that she is still following, it is important to make sure that the left eye will follow on its own (when the other eye is covered up).

We were supposed to do an MRI the next day and that got moved to this past Wednesday. We got there at 9:30 that morning and waited for an hour and a half!! I tell ya I am really sick of waiting! They had to sedate her for the MRI, which meant a needle poke. She does not have the best veins, but the lady got it on the first try! Props to her! The MRI lasted for 45 minutes and then they were supposed to do an ABR hearing test. Well...the nurse did not give her enough anesthesia so she woke up immediately after the MRI and she was less than happy! So we get to drive back to Primarys in another month and she will have to be sedated again! I tell ya!

We met with Dr. Park (wonderful doctor) and he said that the MRI showed that the ear structure is there and she also has the cord that connects to the brain. YEAH!! She still has profound hearing loss, but this means that she could get cochlear implants. Without the structure and that cord, nothing would help her hear. They took ear molds to get her hearing aids ordered (which will be pink and silver sparkles) and they will try those for 6 months. In order to get implants you have to try hearing aids first. Hopefully she will get some hearing with them:)

Jenna continues to amaze me! She is 12 pounds and wearing 6 month clothing. She is rolling over now, which amazes lots of doctors. Jenna will defy all odds, I know she will! Whatever they say she can't do, she will prove them wrong! She is here isn't she!

Gavin loves Jenna more than anything and is really upset when he is away from her. I believe he is her angel on earth. I love my kids and have been ever so blessed to have them!


Eric and Brooke said...

I'm glad she is doing so well!! YAY JENNA!! I love your kids to pieces, and like I have said, I want them!! :D They are just so sweet!!

susiefarns said...

I'm so proud of Jenna. I can't believe she's rolling over!! Yay for her. That is such good new about her ears too. I knew she would be able to hear. I think she already reads lips, little smarty pants. Love you guys. Hugs and kisses!

Amy Rosquist said...

Lots of good news. . . and it's so cute to see her try to scoot around. She is a princess.

Deby said...
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Carly said...

Wow what a strong little girl. She is so cute. I'm glad she is doing so well.

Dani said...

Seriously Tara, I need to just have you read my blog about cochlear implants! We worked with Dr. Park too. I could talk your ear off about what to do with CIs. Get there as fast as you can, because the sooner she hears, the sooner whe will undertand the world around her. Primary children's is an amazing place- and although I haven't went through nearly what you have, I know it's not fun! Yet it's great to have good news and know that she can get cochlear implants. I remember that day, it was a year ago on the 15th of April. I was so relieved to find out that she would someday hear everything. And she does, and so will Jenna.
I just need your email address- so email me so I can invite you to my blog.