Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jenna Update

People have asked about Jenna's hearing and what we have decided to do. I met with Dr. Park a few weeks ago about her ABR test and we decided that we are going to do Cochlear Implants. We have an appointment with the implant doctor on July 20th to find out more about the implants and to discuss how they would help Jenna, and hopefully soon after that they will do the surgery! After I made the appointment I got a little excited! It is just so amazing that technology has brought us this far, to be able to make a little girl go from hearing nothing to hearing everything! I think it is so amazing! God's hands just continue to touch Jenna's life.

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Tana said...

I am amazed daily by the things modern medicine/technology can do and accomplish! I am so excited for Jenna and for her "new ears" :) I hope you guys are doing good. I'm jealous of Disneyland! I really need to go to the happiest place on earth right now! Love!