Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gavin is a....


Gavin is officially potty trained! He decided about three weeks ago that he wanted to wear big boy underwear! He had two accidents the first day and after that we were good..well with pee anyway. He kept holding the other, but now if I read him a book he is great! He is getting more and more used to it everyday.

Gavin is 2 1/2 and huge. He is in the 95% for his height. He just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is so observant lately, he wants to know EVERYTHING. He always says, "What is that called mom?", or "what does this do?" He knows all his colors, shapes and we are working on counting in order. He is also learning some sign language and doing really well with that. It amazes me how quick he catches onto things!

I just love this little boy to pieces, he is such a sweetheart! Today I asked him to do something and he told me "sure thing sweety!" I love you Gav!

(somewhat explicit picture to follow)

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