Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jenna turns 1

My sweet baby girl turns 1 today. And I am on the verge of tears! Not because I am sad that she will be one and is growing up, but because I feel so much emotion knowing that a year ago doctors didn't think she would even make it to birth. I know that God intervened in Jenna's life and allowed her to live. I will be forever thankful and in His debt. I truly feel like Jenna is my miracle.

The other night I had a tender moment with her. I was rocking her to sleep and I had just got finished singing the most beautiful and on pitch lullaby to her and the minute I stopped singing she started laughing. And not just a little laugh, it went on for some time! It was funny, but I found myself just crying and rocking her. I just was overwhelmed with the fact that with all she has been through here she was happy as can be laughing in my arms and about to turn 1. I found myself just saying thank you. Thank you God for giving me this angel.

This was the day Jenna was born. September 11, 2009 at 6:48 pm. She was 4 lbs 13 oz. and 17" long.

This was just a few days old, but it shows how small she was.

This is Jenna now. She is now 14 lbs and 28" long.

We love you Jenna and we our so happy you are part of our family.


The Belnaps said...

you always make me bawl! Love that little spirit...she is amazing

Adam and Dev said...

Happy birthday Jenna! What a sweetheart :)

Karen Kunzler said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! What a sweet angel!!!

The Masons said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA! I love following your blog. You have so much faith and we admire both of you. She is such an amazing little spirit and she is lucky to have to two as parents!

Ashley DeMille said...

Oh, she is so cute! It was so fun to see her today she is such a doll. I love that story of her laughing. What a sweety!

Tana said...

I am truly amazed by your strength through the whole pregnancy with Jenna, and even still today. Jenna, I am sure, is such a beautiful spirit I can see it just in her pictures. I cannot believe how cute and big she is getting. Celebrate this year, celebrate Jenna and her beautiful spirit, and all that has been learned in the process and things that have yet to be learned. You and Kurt have an amazing, cute little family.

Love ya!