Saturday, June 11, 2011 has been a while.

About a month ago I took Jenna to see a pulmonologist up at Primary Childrens to see if we could find out why she keeps getting pneumonia. I loved this doctor, he was awesome (as are most the docs there). He gave me some information and wanted to start Jenna on Prevacid just in case she was silently refluxing and also a steroid inhaler for asthma. He said a lot of times if they do these two things it helps the lungs to be stronger. He also ordered a swallow study for the next week. My mom came with me and we took Jenna. It was very interesting, they had Jenna drink and eat different consistency of food including fluid all while watching her on x ray to see where the food went when she swallowed. Every time they gave her liquid it dropped right to her trachea and then into her lung. She was aspirating...silently. More than likely on every bottle she has had in the last year or so. She did fine with all the other food though. So now we have to use this stuff to thinken her bottles to the consistency of nectar. Easy fix!

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