Monday, August 27, 2012

5 Years Old

I seriously can't believe that Gavin is 5 years old!! His birthday was August 24, i felt really bad I had to be to a training for my new job in Cedar City for most the day. When I got home the grandparents and us went to McDonalds per Gav's request! He got to open presents from us wich included a scooter. He loved it! I had told him about a week ago that I just wanted to keep him this small forever and a few nights later as I was tucking him in he said to me, "Mom please dont put me in a container, I wont be able to breath." He thought I was going to store him! What a goof. We let him take 5 friends the next day to go bowling, something he really loved! They bowled, had drinks and cupcakes and opened presents. Later that night we had the families over for spiderman cake and cupcakes and hot dogs. Gavin is into all the super heros right now but mostly spiderman. I love everything about his boy, he is the kindest boy with the biggest heart. He loves everyone and loves to tell you he loves you. I am so impressed with his ability to learn, he wants to know everything. He asks questions about everything and he can remember the smallest things! He is the best big brother to Jenna and he loves her to pieces. I am so glad he chose to come to our family!!