Monday, August 27, 2012

Camping trip 2010

This year we decided to go camping with the Heaths for the bow hunt. Kurt had to work most the weekend so Sally and I took the kids up a few days before Kurt could come. Gavin had a great time being in the mountains. He loved everything, especially the ability to have pepsi and treats whenever he wanted! He got to go "hunting", fishing, skip rocks, and shoot the BB gun! He loves to play with his cousins and be with the big boys! Jenna of course was easy going the whole time and loved the fresh air. I love spending time in the mountains free of all the cares! Crazy what a 30 minute drive to Fishlake can do for you!! I love it!

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Karen Kunzler said...

Jenna is growing up SO much!!!! She is so beautiful!!!! I love the picture of you sitting and her standing up. Such a beautiful girl. So glad you got away to just enjoy family, some times momma's just need some new surroundings to recharge us.