Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Missing Camera

Well I haven't posted in a while because I can not find my camera and I have some cute pictures that I wanted to post!! But it doesn't look like the camera is just hiding this time- I really think it might be gone for good! Dang it!

Lets see- for Memorial Day we went to Thanksgiving Point and went to the petting zoo. Gavin loved it! He loves animals so much and was so excited to see them up close. He loved the pony ride the most! He smiled and laughed the whole time! It was really cute! We had a really good day and look forward to it every year! Thanks Grandma Barton!

Around the house- we are finally building a fence!!! I am so excited! We just got another puppy and I told Kurt I will go crazy with two kids and two dogs and no fence!! So we started last Saturday and it is coming along rather well! I can't wait to be able to let the dogs just run in the yard and for Gavin to have a fun place to play! I will miss my easy access to Maradees yard, but we plan on having many "Home Improvement" type conversations! Me being the smart Mr. Wilson and her being the goofy neighbor Tim!!!!

I dont really have much baby news- things are still the same as far as I know. We go to the Doctor on the 17th and we will see how things are. We will be able to do another ultrasound and see our sweet baby!! I will make sure to update after we go.

Gavin and I have enjoyed being outside and playing and also going to school lunch! It is amazing that he will eat everything they feed him there, but nothing that I feed him at home!! Crazy kid!

Well if the camera mysteriously appears I will post some pics!!

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Katy said...

I have a lot of pics of gav at Thanksgiving Point.. a cute one of him and Kurt on the horse.. if you want them! Love ya!!!