Friday, September 18, 2009

Yesterday we tried to give Gavin a normal day:) As best we could anyway!
We got up and had breakfast and then went to the Discovery Park by my Grandmas house. He had such a good time playing, he even found a friend there to play with. I have felt so bad that he has been out of his element and pushed around between Grandmas and us. He is really confused on where the baby is. He sees the pictures but still thinks she is in my belly:) I just love both these kids so much! I never thought it was possible!


tanya.... said...

Handsome, Precious little guy! Glad to see that you had a good day with the little guy!

Katy said...

Oh he is so so adorable!! I just love him to pieces... Such a sweet little angel =] let me know if you need a babysitter again!