Sunday, November 15, 2009

So Grown Up!

Gavin is becoming quite the young man! I thought that this was so cute! He always wants to do whatever Kurt is doing and the other night Kurt was shaving so of course Gavin needed to also! Kurt gave him a razor (minus the razor part) and put shaving cream on his face. It was adorable he sat there and pretended to shave!!

He really is growing up though- he is talking like crazy! He just forgets the first part of the words, for instance Micky Mouse is ickey ouse! They say it is normal and that he will soon put it all together. He is such a great kid, so calm and mild mannered. He is the perfect big brother always willing to help! He is starting to understand everything and repeat everything. So mommy and daddy are working on their swearing problems! Don't children just make us better!! He also finds it hilarious when I pump! He gets this smirk on his face that just kills me! He even points and me and laughs! Oh, they see way too much!

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Katy said...

Haha he is so adorable!! I miss him so much.. I can't believe how big he is getting.. tell him to stop growing! Love ya sis