Wednesday, December 9, 2009

He see's way too much!

Jenna never was able to catch on to nursing, so I have pumped religously since she was born every three hours! I try to turn a movie on for Gavin in the other room when I am pumping, but he is 2 and walks and moves when he wants! It never fails that he ends up coming in when I am pumping. You should see the grin he gets on his face! I am sure it is odd to see your mother doing that! So the other day while I was pumping this is what Gavin was doing! He got the extra set of cup things (cant remember their name) and put them up under his shirt and even tried plugging them into the machine!!! What a crazy kid!


Jeannie said...

Tara it sok my 3 year old wanted to pump for me because all i had at first was a hand pump and he wanted to push it for me !

Ashley DeMille said...

Don't you just love boys! they have it all figured out!