Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

I just can't believe that Gavin is 2 years old today!!! Where did the time go? I have loved watching him learn and grow these past two years- he is such a great child! He went from a helpless little baby to a little independant boy!

Some of his favorite things to do are: watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (this includes singing "Hot Dog", LOVES to be outside, laughing, nursery, friends, water and he loves to mimic everything especially daddy!!!

I have been so blessed to be his mother! It was a little emotional for me today when it started to rain! Every important occasion that Kurt and I have had so far, there is rain! Our wedding day, honeymoon, and the day Gavin was born. We have been told that it is lucky- I totally agree! I just couldn't help get a little teary when I saw the rain:)

We love you Gavin!! Happy Birthday!


Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Gavin!!!

Karen Kunzler said...

Wow, his baby picture looks SO much I Kurt I think. Happy B-day Gavin!!!!