Monday, August 17, 2009

I have so much to post- but I have not yet downloaded pictures. A couple weekends ago we went to Park City for a few days- I loved it!! The shopping was amazing! I spent way too much, but how can you pass up those deals? We went to the Olympic park and Kurt was able to do the zip lines and we went down the Alpine slide. We also spent a good amount of time watching people train for the Olympics. Some ski jump into the water trick:)

I also went to the doctor last week, things are looking good still. NO fluid anywhere, a great heart!! and she is growing so well! The only small concern is that I do not have a lot of amniotic fluid- so I have to have ultrasounds weekly to check that. If it continues to stay low or get lower- they would most likely deliver the baby at 37 weeks. That means it is very possible I could have this baby around the middle of September!!! I AM NOT READY!! The room is a mess- not painted. I only have about 12 outfits for her, so I suppose she will be wearing the same thing alot:) It will all come together I am sure:) I meet with the doctor that will deliver her on the 28th, and then we will know more about the delivery and what not. I am going to deliver at Utah Valley, and think that is a good choice- just incase we need the NICU or anything like that. So lots of stress for the next couple weeks:) YEAH- haven't had enough of that !!

I will post pics and things later! The computer room is being transformed into the baby room and is a HUGE mess right now:) Wish me luck:)


susiefarns said...

It sounds like this weekend we should work on Jenna's room. Miss you guys tons.

Meesh said...

Take a breath! It will all come together sometime. Remember that time frames are only there if you let them be. Good luck and be sure to let us know. Take care.
Larry and MiShele

Karen Kunzler said...

I glad everything is going well. That would be crazy to have her in just a few short weeks. We will pray that she just keep baking. Did you have low fluids before?