Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 14-20

Day 14- A picture of my family

There is also a picture of my little family on the side of my blog:) We are getting a new one next week sometime!

Day 15- Put my IPOD on shuffle and what are the first 10 songs

Easy, I don't have an IPOD!

Day 16- Another picture of me (at work and I dont have one)

Day 17- Someone that I would switch lives with for one day

Well I do love my life and all, but for just one day I would switch lives with Ellen. Wouldn't it be great to be that hilarious and do so much good for people? I always have to watch her show, because no matter my mood for that hour I am happy! She makes me laugh, she makes Gavin dance and she makes us both smile! She is such a giver and I think it would be so wonderful to have money and be able to just give it away to deserving people.

PS. I would keep my husband.

Day 18 Plans/dreams/goals

Well all I have planned out right now is my current month. I am typically quite the dreamer and always have big plans for myself. I have found though that life is much easier and happier if we just go a day at a time.

My goals. I do like goals, but usually they don't end up working out:)

My main priority is to get Jenna hearing and up to where she should be developmentally. She gets her ear activated December 7th and I am so excited for that day. We will be doing a lot of verbal therapy after that.

I would like to lose another 10 pounds. I have been working so hard and I go to the gym a lot and I actually enjoy it. I have lost 20 pounds thus far and I am so close to where I want to be.

I want to be happy. I believe I deserve to be too. I am not a depressed person and can not function if I am not happy. So my goal is to be happy, life is what it is and I WILL make the best of it.

Day 19 Nickname I have been given and why

When I was little these were my nicknames

Tiny, Princess, Nikki, 3 names, Tarajet (dad still calls me that) and good ole Tara.

Most of these my father gave me: Tiny, Tarajet, and Princess. Not really sure how the first two came about, but pretty sure I was called Princess because I am one:)

3 names came from Larry Shaheen- He taught me primary when I was younger and never really knew what to call me. Tara Nichole or Nikki. So he went ahead and called me 3 names:) For most my childhood I was Nichole and most people shortened that to Nikki and then one day I just changed it to Tara. Not sure why??

Day 20 Who I can see myself marrying and spending the future with

Funny question since I am already married.

I know Kurt and I are meant for each other, I always have. I love him and we have proven that we can get through just about anything life throughs at us. We have our struggles, but we love each other and that gets us through!


Deby said...

You may need to explain that your name is Tara Nichole Seals and that we called you Nichole until you changed it over to Tara. I always wanted to call you Tara but Nichole seemed to stick. I love what you are doing on here. It is so fun to learn more about you. Even me. Can't wait for Dec 7th.

Mandy said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog. Tana had actually told me about you and your little girl having implant surgery. Seeing her surgery pictures made me cry. I even showed them to my little guy and he signed "owie". I think he still remembers some of the pain. Traxton has been activated for three weeks now and it is awesome. Every day he is making more and more progress and I am amazed at some of the things he can hear.

Good luck with Jenna's activation. I can't wait to hear about her progress.

P.S. Is Diana your PIP advisor?