Monday, November 8, 2010

Days 9-12

Day 9
Something your proud of in the last few days

I fasted yesterday and I am pretty darn proud of that! I am not the best to fast! I always seem to "forget" not to eat on fast Sunday! Yesterday though I stuck with it and was very proud of myself. I wanted to fast because so much good has happened to me in the last little while and to my family. I also learned that I could never be anorexic, I really love food!

Day 10
Songs you listen to when you are happy or sad

I really don't listen to music too much. Just the radio in the car and Pandora on my phone sometimes. I like all types of music I suppose. When I run I really like to listen to Pink, she is awesome and keeps me going!

Day 11
another picture of friends

Pretty sure these people are the best friends I could have! I love my sisters and brother so much! They mean the world to me!

Day 12
How you found out about blogger

I had received a blog invite from my friend Karen and so I started looking at her blog, and pretty soon I decided I needed one too:) It was a few months later though when Tenille taught us how to use it! She walked us through how to post and make cute backgrounds. We all huddled around Ashley's laptop in Maradee's backyard trying to figure it out!

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Karen Kunzler said...

Funny about the blog since I am not that faithful anymore.