Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 7

Someone/something that has a big impact on you...

This book came to me at just the right time in my life. I started reading it the week after Jenna was born, and it totally changed my views on life. I learned more about the pre-existence and about the plan of salvation than I thought possible. It completely changed my outlook on my situation. I realized that God chose Jenna to have this Plan and that he also chose me to be a part of her plan, and to help her get back to Heaven. I decided after reading this book that I would do whatever it took to get Jenna back to her Father in Heaven. No more feeling bad or sorry for myself, just taking it day by day and working towards a wonderful see my daughter in a "perfect" light.

Day 6

Favorite superhero??

Well, I don't really have one, and honestly I can't even think of one right now:)

Day 5

A picture of somewhere I have been...


The Belnaps said...

Look at you ..HOT mama! And love the series too..

Deby said...

Tara, you are awesome. I love what you are willing to write down that is kept deep inside of you. It is a precious way to remember all that you feel. You are a treasure to Jenna and so are Kurt and Gavin. God definitely knows what he is doing. I know how much you loved that series and I can tell it answered alot of questions for you. Love you so much.